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The Vineyard

Located in the Eastern Townships, in Stanbridge East, the estate owes its name to the founder of the vineyard, François Samry from the Ardennes. Since 1995, some 15,000 vines line up on the hillsides and enjoy the sweetness of Lake Champlain, not far from there, and the pond nearby.


A passion for wine

«It is with pride that we take over the challenge of running this vineyard with passion and hard work to represent the past owners.»

We are, Pier and Stephanie, two enthusiasts who have always dreamed of a great land. Being restaurant owners in the past only made us closer to our dream. In order to succeed in our project we had the chance to experience a gradual transfer. This allowed us to make the most out of the knowledge and secrets of the vineyards owners Lucie Larose and Gary Skinner; Who have known the land for over 15 years.

Our vision

We are a family company focused on three core values.

Product quality

Respect of the land

Giving great experience