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    Vert-bois 2021 12.5%. White wine Seyval blanc, dry, aged in oak barrels 7 months, unfiltered. Buttery, notes of pear, refreshing.

  • Rosé 2021

    Grape variety Seyval noir

    Whole cluster pressing, steel tank, 1 g residual sugar, 11%
    Dry rosé wine, strayberries, refreshing, mouthwatering

    Photo credit: Tommy Matteau

  • Les Quatre Pas 2021

    Blend of Cayuga, Riesling and Geisenheim

    Whole cluster pressing, steel tank, 1.2 g residual sugar, 11.5%
    Dry white wine with floral notes, grapefruit, dry meringue, fresh

    Photo credit: Tommy Matteau

  • Pîtter 2020

    Blend of Marquette, Petite Pearl and Frontenac noir

    Aged sur lies in oak barrels 12 months, no fining, unfiltered, 2.2 g residual sugar, 12%
    Red fruit, notes of pepper, morello cherry and black chocolate

    Photo credit: Tommy Matteau

  • Torst 2021

    Grape variety Chancellor and Frontenac noir

    Whole cluster pressing, steel tank, no fining, unfiltered, less than 1 g residual sugar, 12%

    Red wine with juicy freshness, light on tannins, lively with very fine bubbles, easy to drink

  • Berthe 2021 12%.

    Grape variety Chancellor

    Whole cluster pressing, no fining, unfiltered, not disgorged, less than 1 g residual sugar, 12%
    Natural dry sparkling wine, mouthwatering, served between 11C and 14C, perfect for the apero!

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    Monsieur Arsène 12%. White sparkling wine, extra brut. Delicate bubbles, yellow flesh fruit, floral and fresh. 32$

  • Grape mistelle 17,5%. Notes of cranberries with a caramel final. 18,50$

  • Madame Jean 2018 sparkling rosé extra brut méthode traditionnelle

  • Miss Yaya fortified wine aged in oak barrels 3 years. 24$

    Photo credit: Tommy Matteau

  • Nicole 2021 rosé wine, 1

    Grape variety Pinot noir

    Indigenous yeast, limited skin maceration, 1 g residual sugar, 11.5%

    Gastronomic rosé wine with structure

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